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Jamie & Daniele published by SHINE & BYERS

Aims To Empower Survivors of Trauma and Bullying. (Adult)


 (Books) Available globally.


Irish-American author SHINE & BYERS publish their first series of books titled Jamie & Daniele, based on real events that explore the complexities of bullying in the workplace and the lasting impact this can have. The books have been released inline with Time to Talk Day, which draws attention to the importance of reaching out to others. Since the day encourages people to open up and be honest about their mental health without the fear of stigma or judgment, it aligns with the author’s belief that sharing experiences is important!


This relates as the book is based on the author’s personal experience where she was too afraid to report the problems occurring and struggled to open up. The new author challenges suicide and composes questions around how we arrive at the notion of suicide in the first place. With a strong mental health theme, the introduction was written in collaboration with Ireland-based psychologist Owen Connolly and aims to empower survivors of trauma and bullying.



This piece was written over several years by Irish-based creative Katie (Cat) Myers, who has extensive experience in creative fields in the US and Ireland. She joined forces with lifelong friend and business partner Sherry Berdy in 2021 to produce the Jamie & Daniele Paperback comic book and Deluxe Edition graphic novel scripted version. They open 2022 as new authors of the two-book series! 


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