Who We Are

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Sherry Berdy ::

Sherry Berdy is a traditional printmaker and graphic designer with years of multimedia, print and digital industry experience focusing on brand and concept design. She holds degrees in Art Studio and Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia.


How Sherry’s designs tell a story…

Most of Sherry’s original work focused on the impact of fears and nightmares. Eventually, she began to incorporate the strength of hope and fantasies into her art that now tells the stories of perseverance and survival.

Much of her work is now inspired by the struggle to emerge from troubled times knowing our value was not diminished. These memories then become permanent when we internalize what we learn from life, recognizing and accepting who we have become.




Katie (Cat) Myers ::

Katie (Cat) Myers has years of experience in creative fields both in the US and Ireland. She is the Creative Director of Humble Market, and holds degrees in Business Management and Multimedia and Graphic Design.

She pursued the creative arts as a young adult, and worked as a hip-hop and salsa dancer in the US. Once in Dublin in 2007, she became more familiar with stage performance, choreography and creative directing. In 2012, she began to direct the HOLIA Project series of plays. The Jamie & Daniele Comic Book Series is inspired by this stage show, and the artwork is where some of her designs for Humble Market are derived.


How Cat’s designs tell a story…

Cat’s design concepts derive from the internal battle of feeling “what is it OK to be openly opinionated about?” Her cathartic process aims to shape the imbalance between “you ought not offend” and what is considered to be proper. Her designs exhibit an everlasting search for maintaining balance and integrity within one’s self; keeping ourselves together at the seams, whilst maintaining our originality and strength.