HOLIA Synopsis

Published series by SHINE & BYERS

The seemingly unraveled mind of freelance writer Nakita (Niki) Domino narrates the depiction of relationships with those in her life who work to maintain their grasp on ambitions, while revealing a few others like her with a higher level of insight around life and its task of enduring.

Freelance writer and narrator, Niki, is an above-average achiever and seems to land on an autistic scope. She jumps on the opportunity to relocate from her Stateside City once her letters to the editor unveil key mob affairs that further instigate the downfall of the most infamous dance lounges and card rooms. Mysterious elements in the New City unfold when protagonist Sol Harpa and antagonist Cruxh Lutrah (Crux) unleash their pets, Reynie Lady and Daniele DIM that comprise the Busy Bees, allowing them to execute their rivalry.