What You Wear Is Powerful → Strength Over Time

What You Wear Is Powerful → Strength Over Time



Featured  In the current 2021 Collection, this Strength Over Time design, seen in both the Air Ethereal Series (White T-shirt) and Air Ethereal Night Series (Black T-shirt), symbolizes learning from past experiences in order to move forward in life stronger and wiser.

What It Means Perspectives on past adversities change through our lives, allowing us to realize we always learn and gain strength as we persevere through tough times.


This design is inspired by seeing life’s unwanted experiences in a new way.


Design Elements This pink butterfly silhouette with organic shaped tree branches inside, reminds us to appreciate our uniqueness and complexities in the way we interact with the world around us:

  • The tree branches create their own dark, twisting shadows.
  • The shadows are reminiscent of the things in life we long to understand.
  • Inside the butterfly wings silhouette, these shadows are illuminated in the light, yet maintain their inherent complexity and richness.


Wearing this design allows us to: Respect and honor that the roots we build are part of our value in the world.



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