Cool Unique Graphic Tee Blue Butterfly Wings Skeleton Bones and Antlers Black T-shirt

What You Wear Is Powerful → Glacial Winged Release

Cool Original Graphic Black T-shirt Blue Butterfly Bones and Antlers


Featured → In the current 2021 Collection, Air Ethereal Night Series :: Glacial Winged Release (Black T-shirt), symbolizes experiencing a block of some kind and overcoming it. For example, overcoming being misunderstood and disrespected.

What It Means → The Glacial Winged Release design is inspired by the belief that we still hold value and strength in our complexities, which doesn’t change regardless of the hardships we encounter.

Even when metaphorically frozen, we are intricate and beautiful, regardless of how we appear to others.

Design Elements → The blue color differs from the feel of daylight, warmth and motion seen in the pink butterfly of Air Ethereal Series :: Winged Release (White T-shirt). The whimsical blue butterfly wings with skeleton bones and antlers design reminds us to persevere during the times in life when we feel the cold and stillness of the night. It also represents our potential and tells us that our current struggles can be framed in a more positive way. Even though the butterfly is in a holding pattern, it knows it’s worth and potential and will thrive once again.


Wearing these blue butterfly wings, skeleton bones and antlers allows us to:

  • Identify and internalize our growth as we personally evolve. 
  • Explore and reflect on your own emotions and experiences over time. 

Appreciate your own unique interpretation of events as you travel through life.


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