We are Cat & Sherry

We are Cat & Sherry


For all our FOLLOWERS, Hi, We are Cat and Sherry 👋

We are publishing under the name SHINE & BYERS, ⁣let’s share with you a little bit about us…


👉 We were what you would call “human doers” and not human beings. We did what was required of us, and we put everything into it. We were under a lifelong state of being under pressure and performing for others.

👉 After encountering opportunistic personalities, experiencing oppression in the workplace, and heartbreak, we learned over years to OPEN UP! Because SHARING experiences is important.

⁣👉 As much as we felt exposed at certain points in our journey, we now know—by others sharing with usthat this is who we all are... Priceless, because you see the human being as magnificent: beautiful and wonderfully made. It’s training yourself to see your worth.

So if you’ve been following us for a while now you will have picked up a few things... ⁣⠀

We are two GIRLS living in wanderlust. Cat lives in Ireland, and Sherry lives in the US. We love conveying our thoughts and experiences through multimedia and design.

Cat is a writer, Creative Director and performer. Sherry is a licensed esthetician, Project Manager and visual designer. We are both cat and dog people. 🐾  

We are two down-to-earth, entrepreneurial-minded Ladies. We are go-getters and problem solvers!

What you’ll also know is...

We are obsessed with ensuring that our customers understand the stories behind our work. We have designed and created a means to relate, transform and grow. Furthermore, we want to support you in your journey from being a “human doer” to a human being. This is so meaningful to us, because SHARING experiences is important.

Yup... you heard us right! 😊

We have created original graphics, each with its own story conveying growth and transformation, under our brand HUMBLE MARKET. We created this business to grow with our own unique network, and expand according to other’s experiences and stories. We would love to work directly with you.

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